It is possible to establish data connection using analog modem connected to FXS line. Page 23 3 3. DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Page 8 Product Description 1. This parameter prevents SMS sending in the event of short-time activation. Supplementary Information This section describes supplementary information of the product.

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Page 30 Table of Parameters 3. Page 21 Telephone line connection 2. D-Sub 9, female Other Dimensions: New parameter for dial tone setting.

In addition, you also get a power supply backup. Load data from EasyGate — if EasyGate is not in its special programming mode, you are invited to switch EasyGate off and on again.

Page 47 Voice function 4. Drivers for SIM are available for 32 and 64 bits Windows systems, they are. Page 10 Changes 1.

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Terms and Symbols Used 1. Where to Buy To purchase a product locally, please find an authorised partner. There is voltage of reversed polarity on the telephone line during the whole call.


The table can contain up to 20 different prefixes. General Instructions and Cautions 6. The fax communication service must be registered with your GSM operator. Page 64 Troubleshooting 6. Page 16 Description 2.

Set phone connection in your PC using Network. Page 29 Table of Parameters 3.

CSD connection is used for data connection of two endpoints, similary as the data. Table of Parameters Minimal credit Function No.: Page 9 Product Description 1.

Page 67 General Instructions and Cautions 6.

2N® EasyGate, 2N® SmartGate EN – FAQ – 2N WIKI

Apn setting, Network connection setting, Data connection using usb port 4. The antenna should be mounted vertically. Don’t see a manual you are looking easgate Page 56 Page 57 5 5.

2N Easygate PRO Analog 3G Gateway – 850/2100

You may specify in seconds for forwarding if no answer too. Tariff pulses 16 or 12 kHz EasyGate has tariff pulse transmitter.

For hardware version A can be used only formware 1. Default timeout is 20 seconds.


2N Analogue GSM gateway 2N EasyGate – Manual, v : User guide

Drivers for SIM are available for 32 and 64 bits Windows systems, they are placed in appropriate directories. Page 46 Voice function 4.

The input is activated by contact closing pin interconnection. Deliver your expired electric appliances and battery packs removed therefrom to dedicated dumpsites or containers or give them back to the dealer or manufacturer for environmental-friendly disposal.

Add to Wish List. Page 11 Terms and Symbols Used 1.