ADAT connectors work well. So that after a few months I did not use even more and prferais back my old sound card internal less pointed, but it does not bugait On the last night I had a Portable XP. No Driver frankly their is a real shit. Tlcharger the last driver in beta and connection to USB port and go! Sort by most recent most useful.

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All user reviews for the Behringer B-Control Audio BCA2000

Well Built This modfl a really nice interface. Cubase sx2SoundForge They aren’t very stable. If you put some effort into installing the driver, look at my guide things will be fine. She would like the comparison with other models much more expensive.

You can get passed this by hooking something up to the ADAT in. Don’t be discouraged by the other reviews. Installation galley, many problems of incompatibility despite rgulieres updates on the website. Yes unless the routing is quite complex, but for now I did not need to dig this – The manual is clear and sufficient?


They aren’t very stable. In short, having read on forums that others also had concerns of instability in their CAL however, the problem of the digital input, Beuringer feel like the only oneI preferred to change maps. I strongly deprecated this purchase to users of AF. Clearly, yes except bca000 routingenough, no. I made the right choice for this award and his perfomances.

I use it as PC audio interface to connect to my mixing desk.

The BCA is quite bulky and the plastic housing is a little cheap but good considering the price After I have not had the opportunity to make comparative tests between the two on sound quality since I did not have both at the same time. The software drivers, they suck. But that I later understood why the cheap does mean sometimes “poor quality”!

I have to keep it about 6 months and have sold. This product is currently not available for sale in the Behringet States and Canada pending verification of compliance with applicable technical standards and regulations. Our members also liked: Theirs a lot to be said for that.

If I change it will be to have some tracks coming into more. It parraissait great, I bought it Cakewalk – What you get lag?


She came back after almost two months and the problem was definitely not fixed! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. For help with the drivers, check out this little guide i made: ADAT connectors work behringger.

B-CONTROL AUDIO BCA – Behringer B-Control Audio BCA – Audiofanzine

It does exactly what it does on the tin for a killer price. I do not go good with 4 tracks!

Next record more than two tracks I have not tried. USB audio interfaces Added in our database on: So if it again I do not behronger the BCA. I got it to work, it just took a while. It was the bare minimum, so you must handle and try to master the beast.