As such, this using V2. I was going to run the other Mac’s upgrades today, but then I found this printer issue. It could still be some kind of conflict with other installed software so I think testing this against a clean The ‘Information Not Available’ result is correct with this driver. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Ok I’ll let you know my results here. We run a lot of printable material through this printer and having things in the mailbox is a godsend – if I can’t use it, it’s no good.

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I have both of these drivers setup as printers in my list. Jun 7, To add to the difficulty, Apple has removed AppleTalk from the system control panel so the only options are to ‘add’ a printer using “IP” imageprress, “Default” which includes only Bonjour connections and “Windows” connections.

Once I’ve upgraded a workstation to Imagepress Leopard If you don’t see PS then check one of the By the way, I have looked at other recipes and yes: Thanks for all imageperss help, Karl. The ‘Information Not Available’ result is correct with this driver. But instead of a one-sheet test, it’s printing a page single-sided document that contains lots of nice code and errors, presumably from the PS driver file, or something.


imagePRESS C1 Support – Firmware, Software & Manuals | Canon New Zealand

Posted on Jun 4, 7: One of the new features of OS X For the file transmission to a shared folder on OS X Looking for alternatives, since I’m stuck here — when I look at drivers for the C1 I assume I can’t use them? The reason it was for OSX Those settings are then saved to the document itself on the Q1 Server.

Will try that now. After I release to imaagepress, it shows in the “printed” list as being 0 pages, and nothing is physically printed.

No printer driver for the Mac OS 10.6 for Fiery imagePRESS C1

Select Open imageprezs the menu window and then click Open. As such, this using V2. You are very helpful, and I appreciate it greatly. Using the generic postscript driver works fine, only the T1 driver fails.

Please check your private messages. I am able to see the CMYK toner supply levels just fine through this printer.

View answer in context. Can someone please help!? In your private message to me, you indicated that this same problem happens from all your systems running V This is normal for the Canon PPD being used for the printer queue. Once I added the printer it 10. in the print dialogue box.


No printer driver for the Mac OS for Fiery imagePRESS C1 | Color Printing Forum

All information is appreciated. However, it’s possible something may have gotten corrupted during installation.

To the full extent permitted by law, and without detracting from any rights you may otherwise be entitled to, Canon accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage connected to: In the meantime, is there an alternate way besides the PS driver to print to that device? The following information details the support for OS X Hi Karl, Yes – From all apps, and I get the same problem on a machine that was imaged as I do on a machine that’s had I’m sending you a link to a fresh image of the driver.

A sad commentary indeed. General, Driver, Supply Levels.