I’m your repeat customer, great service! These cartridges are designed to meet or in some cases even exceed the standards set by the OEM in terms of performance, print quality and page yield. The last Epson desktops to have the cutter were the PX G pigment 1. Epson Colorio PX-G uses these supplies. Surplus product is available in limited quantities, and what we have listed is all that’s available at the moment.

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Description Price Qty Available Quantity. Accounting Dept Fax or Jenny’s Printer. E-mail me when this product is back in stock.

What is a Compatible Product? Genuine Original Epson Part No.: Epson Colorio PX-G uses these supplies. Epson Colorio PX-G uses these supplies.

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It may have expired date codes, be missing the box, have shelf wear, tears, etc. You must use a different paper setting PGPP and make a custom profile if you print using profiles. Use the Epson Epsln settings for printing. If you like glossy and you’re in Japan try the Epson Crispia paper gsm.


Accounting Dept Fax or Jenny’s Printer. The product you bought was defective or damaged.

Hope to see ya soon, Bob. For complete information please see our Returns Policy. Most bookmarked in this forum. Hi, I’m heading to Ueno this weekend for a big Hanami party Epson IC 33 Ink Red. Epson IC 33 Ink. We try to make the return process as easy as possible. At my office I have the PX-G and until now it still surpasses my needs and epsln. Oversatisfied clients since It’s also much more economical to buy the A3 size and cut it in half and create 2 A4 size.

All OEM product comes with a warranty direct from the manufacturer. Yes No Don’t know.

Epson Colorio PX-G930

We will handle all warranty issues within the first 30 days of receiving the product. That warranty will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, and we recommend that you visit eoson OEM website for exact specifications. Genuine Original Epson Part No.: Models using this product. Did you find the text easy to read?


Quality of Printing from Blacks. All product listed on this site is liquidation merchandise – you can assume that it will function properly and we do guarantee thathowever it will not be in nice pretty packaging.

I’ve decided to pick up a PX-G which is the third generation model of what the R is in the US for color glossy A4 prints for my portfolio. EJS, Thanks again for the reply.

Here’s the link which implies that Crispia is compatible with the I was wondering if any R users could give me any tips on good glossy paper s to use with this printer. However, if you have an ongoing demand for a large quantity of a product, we encourage you to get in touch so that we can hunt it down for you.