Page Code User Action Reload tape correctly. Cutting Around Label Frames Figure Print object is assumed on Available on Monocolor all systems, and Multicolor for all objects. The object is pasted in the center of display screen. To edit an object Use the fields and options on the screen that displays after opening the object, as shown in the table above, to make changes.

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GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English – Brady Europe

Adjusting The Ribbon Cartridge Adjusting the ribbon cartridge If a ribbon cartridge has been stored outside the printer, the ribbon between the take-up spool and the wiper may have been exposed to dust. Single label on a page For most print jobs, one page contains one label. Use the options on the Sequence screen to define a Sequence variable text object or variable bar code object for your labels. Once you have chosen a label group, which is called an application, shown in Choosing a label applicationn page and the template category shown in Choosing a categoryn page for the label you want to create, you simply respond to the To cut out HotShapes 1.

Advance the tape only halfway through the guides Step Clearing template labels When you clear template labels, the next label in the set appears.

Brady GlobalMark 2 User Manual

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A label may or may not use up an entire page. Tags, with pre-designed layouts for creating hazard prevention, maintenance, production, and quality labels you can print on tag label stock. Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills by Justin Yu.

You can now print to your label printing system from MarkWare or transfer files using the File Gloalmark Utility.

Also, with a radio button or checkbox, you can use the Space key as a toggle: The options on the Printing tab apply system-wide. Drop in a ribbon cartridge, choosing from a wide range of single-color ribbons, paneled ribbons, and CYMK ribbons for blended colors.

Brady Globalmark 2 – Colour & Cut, DISCONTINUED, replaced by the BBP37

Color Norm, where you choose the appropriate color norm setting for your country and language. Your actual label length System Depending on the application and template you are using and the label you are creating, you may be prompted for one gglobalmark more of the items listed below. The cuts on your cut out labels are either too deep or too shallow.

Loss of communication window Displays if communication between the attached printer and PC is lost. Blank keys in Figure are not operational in this system.

Symbol Type, where you choose symbols for Pipe Marker labels Responding to Right-to-Know prompts A typical Right-to-Know application template prompt sequence includes some or all of these prompt screens Page A Special Characters Set up your label printing system as a hardware device.


Two foam tip swabs To clean the print head Increase Size tool Selected object Selection markers Figure File Options Displays the File Options screen, which provides options you use to save, retrieve, or delete files. On the Custom screen, shown here, choose Create New Label: See Setting Pipe Marker preferences on page Accessing the Printing tab options You can set the Supply saver option and the Overprint option from the Main Menu or, for convenience, from within most applications.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You install tape supplies of varying thickness. Installing a compact flash memory card Your label printing system has a card slot you can use to attach a globalmafk flash memory card to your system. IEC C13 conductor size: Welcome CHAPTER 1 Thank you for hlobalmark our label maker, which you use to create and print professional-looking labels and signs for use just about anywhere.

Displays different options that apply to the object selected including: