The only way to do it is to create a script that starts Kodi, and makes it display the right screen. Why using a backup file The gen. This button is usually green but can change on different Imon remote versions. Several patches were available, but they can be depended on LIRC version and kernel version:. On the Imon Ipad, there are 5 colored buttons that are used to launch media center programs and get them to automatically display specific screens: The colored buttons need to be assigned to some general Windows keyboard shortcut that will launch some programs, and these programs are chosen in Windows shortcut files. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Zeno iMON Remote Control and Receiver for Fanless Media Case

The only way to do it is to create a script that starts Kodi, and makes it display the right screen. Use apt-get or equivalent package manager to remove the 0.

Lot of info you find on the web is old and only working for the legacy driver. Happy Kodiying to you too! Register a new account.


Itai – September 4, So I included it inside the RAR file. Different versions of the same vfd device exist and can act diffrently. Guille – November 8, The Dual Knob and control buttons system can give the easiest way to navigation and media control.

Imon – Remote Controls – Flirc Forums

It all works, just had to add contol controls myself which was easy. Soundgraph is redesigning their website.

Recently I chose to put it in C: Sign up for a new account in our community. Thanks so much for your time. Remove the goodbye message when powered off When the LCDproc process is killed at system shutdown, it puts up a “goodbye” message on the VFD. They will all call the same bat file, but with different parameters.


Imon – MythTV Official Wiki

I get an Imon remote that doesn’t work in my htpc several months ago It should be a great great news because is pleeeeeeeenty of keys ; I hope someone tested it. What a shame for Imon users. If your colored button doe not work, try the keyboard shortcut on your keyboard: Dave – February 19, It was very tricky to get the T9 keyboard to work on the Imon Pad remote with Kodi.


Vendors that OEM the soundgraph products: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. PAD patches not working. Mi remote control is exactly the same as yours. How to proceed to erase it?

Notes These cotnrol are works in progress. The LCD has a lot more capabilities than the VFD for example, the ability to display in more languages than just English though the patches linked to above only have preliminary support for anything greater than what is provided in the older VFD.

Blog post from september You may use modified version of the brakemeier’s patch from here. I would prefer an universal one that can control my TV, Receiver and cables as well if ikon. T9 keyboard on the numeric buttons have been added to the latest versions of the files inside the RAR file.