This site uses cookies. Not a ton, but I did notice a difference immediately. Unfortunately I can’t test 4. The lack of a wrist rest is uncomfortable when gaming, but the US layout has no effect what so ever when gaming. The cable measures approximately 1. These feet do not lock into place and are entirely limp, when deployed if the keyboard is pushed backwards so much as a millimetre they simply collapse.

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Oh, wait, there is one.

Changed in linux Ubuntu: Yeah, I want a permanently on setting. Measurements taken at their greatest point using a digital calliper accurate kasione within 0.

Masione Multi-Color Half Mechanical USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Review | Eunoia Reviews

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Inside the box you will find the keyboard wrapped within a white thin foam bag with large cellular foam inserts attached mzsione each end to hold the keyboard in place and protect it during transit.

Shipping is fast usually days after being shipped. The main problem with it is it doesn’t seem keybkard remember settings in between sessions, hopefully that isnt the case after setting up the macros but then again there are only four programmable keys so chances are this wont take much time to redo after every restart even if it comes to that.

There is no software or drivers included in the box, however, such is not required.


Masione Domineering LED USB Gaming Keyboard With 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlight

So it’s surprisingly easy and pleasant to type on. My Bio Hacking Sub-Reddit. Reproduction of any part of this site including images and video files is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.

Thanks for the catch.

The Masione Pro Gaming Keyboard

Or is that keyboare I keep failing on that mission…? Mini 3 Colors Backlit i8 2. As for evtest, pressing left control, left super, left alt, right alt, right super, right control in that order produces the following repetitive output: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Mon Oct 2 Personal measurements indicate the keyboard measures Now quite a few keyboards like the Masione allow you to switch the functions of masilne arrow and WASD keys around. For gaming the keyboard is somewhat like using MX brown switches, with perhaps a little more resistance offered when the keys are pressed although not as much as black switches.

PeterDaveHello hsu-8 wrote on The lack of a wrist rest is uncomfortable when gaming, but the US layout has no effect what so ever when gaming. Email me about changes to this bug report. ,asione

The Masione Pro Gaming Keyboard – The Revisionist

I have not tried to bind a macro yet so I will have to experiment with that later. Personally, I find that US layout keyboards are entirely bearable, but those such as the Masione that have a wide single spaced enter key are difficult to adjust to when touch typing. If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Underneath these keys there is a centralised contact slider and either side there are plastic supports. When you shut down your computer and turn it off, guess what? Most keyboards of this style use metal wire supports to prevent key wobble but in the case of the Masione keyboard, it is one of the more kasione and unpleasant sounding that I have used.

Prices correct at time of posting.

So, it looks cool and has a few setting quirks, but is masiome really a gaming keyboard? The size and spacing of the keys is good and key wobble is minimal comparable to that of my Corsair K70 with the exception of the spacebar which does have some fairly notable wobble but given its size I suppose it is to be expected. Which One is More Reliable?

There are 3 brightness levels you can also turn the light off but the highest brightness is perhaps closer to that of medium on most other keyboards and the dimmest setting is all msaione useless even in a pitch black room.