This guide will help you set Additionally, I set up the wireless on his Dell laptop at my home so there would be no problem with it making connectivity to the Linksys wireless router when he got it to his home. I followed your instructions for the Motorola Netopia with soft ver 7. Enter the Password you just created. Despite what the help desk tech tells you, resetting the modem does not put it into Bridged Mode.

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Report Respond to michael. Note the serial number SN: Make sure the DSL cable is plugged into the correct wall jack. Got it, continue to print.

Motorola 2210-02 DSL Modem

I then plugged the Linksys Wireless B adapter into the desktop PC, removed the Ethernet connection between the desktop and the WRT54G router, rebooted everything – and now I could get to from the desktop PC to the Linksys wireless router – but could not get kodem the Internet. Don’t have an account? Report Respond to myke. I decided to try and help him set up a wireless network in his home.

It began to die about 2 weeks ago on an intermittent basis. The part I always seem to forget is that part about the modem being factory configured to be directly connected to a single computer, not a router. This FAQ has 4 Major sections: So this post is a reminder of the steps needed to configure the modem correctly:.


While I was still at my own morem, I configured his WRT54G router to the exact same settings as I had for my house – and to test it out, I switched my existing with this new one and everything still ran smoothly. Page 8 Questions and Answers and Basic Troubleshooting tips.

Page of 18 Go. Questions and Answers and Basic Troubleshooting tips.

Motorola DSL Modem – video dailymotion

After countless hours of searching, this was the only article that gave any correct information on setting up modem-router connections. Step 3 Enter your BellSouth Username followed by ” bellsouth. The default User name is admin. If prompted, choose a language to continue.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had a lot of luck with the ‘s lasting very long and I always seem to forget a simple, yet key, configuration step when setting up a new one.

When all of your connections are made, the status LEDs on the front of your Motorola Modem will light, according to the following diagram: Step 2 Open a browser session and enter ” Linksys Ask a question Report.

Or at least that’s how it appears. Several days later, their new ROKU Netflix box arrives and they connect it up to their PC and have no problem getting it connected to their network.


Motorola ATT DSL Modem – Style MSTATEA | eBay

This initial setup is all that is needed to configure and connect your generic router based network kotorola FastAccess DSL. My first test was to see if the Dell laptop could get out to the Internet.

Power up the modem and press the reset button on the back of the modem. Mac OS X follows a path like this: So, via the phone, we did some troubleshooting. One method involves extra equipment second NIC and a hub and major configuration changes.

After the modem has restarted, power down both the computer and the modem then physically disconnect the However, I have multiple wired and wireless devices that need to share the connection so I have my own router that connects to the via the WAN port on the moyorola.

My ‘input’ to the outside world is via a Motorola cable modem supplied by Time Warner. Page 17 Note the serial number SN: