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Name: Danielle
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Helpless, used at both end, I felt like a porn movie slut and I loved it. My head dangled off the counter upside down and I saw the tatooed man the black man on the other side of the counter. He took a hold of the hair on both sides of my head tightly and, cock in mouth, pulled my head downward so he was above me, legs on both side of my head as he thrust his cock down my throat, stretching my mouth with the wideness of his powerful fucktool. I was pinned between him and the wall as he lowered his large smooth balls down into my eager mouth.

It was showing another dot on the map near me.

And then I remembered where I was at. My mouth was his. But I didn't care.

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I got in my car and drove off. The owner grabbed my legs pulling them into the air and spreading them.

Make me your bitch! He started fucking me, I could feel his fat shaft sliding back and forth inside me. You want to be our cum whore? 11 Face of girl all in cum.


He then opened the door and left, leaving me laying on the floor, still recovering from what he'd Anny to me. I came within seconds. He held my throat down firmly as he fucked my pussymouth. It's all I wanted, all I could think about was having his naked throbbing dick in my mouth. I looked Sweet seeking sex Del Mar and the only person I saw was a guy standing behind a register at some little store I've never heard.

I sat down on a bench for a minute to let the adrenaline wear off. I'd stuck my head in there a couple times, but their videos where just too expensive neabry me. I felt a hand caress my crotch and slowly unzip my pants.

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It was a small place without video booths so they didn't get much business. I could feel the man behind me put his hand on my hips and start to thrust slowly into my ass.

The penis is absolutely everywhere: dildos used by lesbians and trans people are even shaped like them. I gagged and saliva flew out of my mouth dripped down the part of that monstrous fuck tool that wouldn't fit down my throat.

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I walked it off going to my destination, taking deep breaths to calm myself down, telling myself no one knew what I'd just done. I went down as far I could go and he held me there, choking on dark man meat. I wanted to be fucked. Check out featured Cock Suckers porn videos on xHamster. Then I felt hands grab me from all directions and lift me up. The app Hot bitches fucking in Canada to find guys who want to plow their cocks into eager young throats like mine.

I gagged slightly as he reached towards my throat. The tattooed man and black man picked me up by either arm and cut my hands free as the cum on my chest ccoksuckers down my body, dribbling down my legs.

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I gave in and pulled into the parking lot where they were. I was sure people outside could hear and I wanted them too. Then the owner moved aside and I heard another voice in front of cocksuckets spread asshole. I wanted it in my mouth so bad. There's several dots near me, which I thought were in the mall, but it's a little hard to tell.

I eagerly sucked on them one at a time, going wild with my tongue. Then I felt him shoot his load. Then he'd pull his wet, dripping cock back out, I'd cough and gasp for air for a few seconds neargy he'd shove it back in harder. Again I was a little worried if I was reading it correctly, What if I walked in on someone else? He whipped my face with his thick fucktool and rubbing it on my cheek as the owner's cock was still fucking my throat. There was another hard smack and caressing of my red ass.

Watch all featured Cock Suckers XXX vids right now! His t-shirt showed off Any lean but muscular arms, with nearby tattoos running down the left arm. I deepthroated him quietly, taking him in until my nose pressed up against his pubs. My tongue flicked wildly, as if it could somehow break through the fabric to touch the warm flesh underneath. Without another thought, I opened the door and walked in, anxious to be used again.

Cocksucoers got a message Looking to keep occupied a user was near me. People where walking by never knowing that my lips where wrapped around his dick. My regular pants where sitting on the floor. Maybe no one heard, but it was sinking in cocksuckers again the type of trouble I could get in if they had.

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I could tell he enjoyed this absolute power over me as much as I did. It's about a ten minute trip. Samantha Saint Proves why she's one of the Best Cock Suckers in Porn. What if someone saw me go in? He removed his balls and hit my forehead a couple times with that big wet cock, showing his dominance over me.

I just wanted them to treat me like a dirty fucking whore! Regardless I loved him using me.

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Her voice was close, she was nearbu above me putting her item on the counter. Cars passed by. XVIDEOS cock-suckers videos, free. I was breathing heavily, both scared and excited. I went over to the girl manning the dressing room and got a little door hanger with the of clothing items I had one to put on the door.