I have the same problem ndiswrapper won’t connect to WPA but will connect to an open, unencrypted Wifi but with rev 2 of bcm hardware as I have documented in bug with exact steps to re-create on the live CD. To anyone reading this thread. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers 47 answers. You can always check for hardware problems by swapping the cards.

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Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr Pinterest. A few days ago more updates were released, and it then found the card, but it does not see any of the 4 wireless networks around me I only ever used my own, but I could always at least see others.

Ubuntu: Lubuntu Wireless Driver for BCM4309 [14e4:4324] (rev 02) [duplicate]

If you still have issues after doing any of the mentioned solutions, please look here if your problem is already mentioned: I guess I’ve a ubunttu different card, as I cannot find the D on the SPROM, and the numbers in the card are also somewhat different to the ones listed as “known affected cards”:. I would like to review the reverse engineering, but development of code for versions not supported at all has priority.


When I installed bcm43xx-fwcutter it prompted me if I want to ubuntj download and install the firmware and it did it flawlessly I am running the AMD64 version. Having a problem logging in?

I’ve just started trying to help out with bug reporting. After installing you need to restart.

Lubuntu Wireless Driver for BCM [14e] (rev 02) – Ask Ubuntu

Both Utopic and Vivid unusable with If it is bcm439 in this thread, I missed it. What this just proved was that Ubuntu is loading modules in the wrong order; it is a known bug.

Looking at it now on your behalf and using the search parameters “broadcom bcm” without quotesI see only four choices with the most promising possibly bbcm4309 “bfwcutter”. Seems to work fine under 7. My wireless worked under 7.

Copy the downloaded file to your home folder. I don’t know if this part also affects Ubuntu, but regardless, the above fixes the problem. Please add a comment to what you had to do to get it to work if this was possible, as well as a URL to an outstanding Launchpad bug report to address the issues encountered. Interference in the 2. Broadcom Corporation BCM I have verified that it is broken in both Alpha 5 and Alpha 6.



On first boot, suitable firmware was not present, and I was not prompted by the restricted devices manager. For what I can see with 2. Fortunately, there are not many of these. None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

Samba — Disabling Printing.

In the Method field select Ignore. The Dell D series is probably my all-time favorite laptop. Caution must be taken to observe the bm4309 contents before changing them! Adding Interface type 2.

[ubuntu] a using Broadcom BCM?

Removing Interface type 2 [ Same behavior with While I was experiencing the problem described NM would try to connect and eventually display the box to enter the SSID and passkey over and over again I could not confirm the same symptoms.

If you have an old version of Ubuntu Post as a guest Name. First edit your blacklist. If so, can you test the file-permissions hardy bfwcutter- package did not fix file-permissions until recent upload of version