Once the main drain tube is removed from the ink absorber box for the replacement of the ink absorber box, it will become unusable and new part will have to be put back in. When setting the backup battery , route the battery harness through the cable guide on the upper cover as shown below. WAIT 0 1 0: Page – Fax data sent Delayed-timer sent data, redialed sent data, and polled sent data Operating Procedure 1 On the PC, create a “Brother” folder in an external memory to be used for saving backup data. Extension of incoming calling signal CI frequency band specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14 At the start of reception, if the machine detects the frequency of a CI signal specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14, it starts the ringer sounding. Damping Without damping, ink pressure fluctuations directly affect the size of ink-jet head droplets, risking lower print quality. No pause 0 0 1:

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To load programs using an external memory 1 Insert an external memory to your PC. When mounting the document separation roller gear on the ADF unit, turn the planet gear counterclockwise to put it in the upper position beforehand.

No dial tone detected before start of dialing. The purge types and their details are described on the next page. Page Resetting purge or flushing counter 1 Switch the machine to the maintenance mode using the steps below. Enable when borderless printing is enabled 1 and 2 on Brothef and 1 0: The CIS drive mechanism details below operates for each scanning command executed.


Avenue OxfordNC Sales: The Filedrgs window appears as shown below. Page 6 Release the eight “y” latches and remove the panel plate from the control panel base. Polling ID not coincident.

Detection enabled time for CNG or 0 1: DF, E0 Modem error.

Enable Periodical or on-demand Access to the outgoing mail 0: Operating Procedure 1 Set documents. Before starting the operation below, be sure to set A4-size paper in the paper tray for printing check patterns.


Next press theand keys in this order. In particular, when having access to the power supply inside the machine, make sure that the power cord is unplugged from the electrical outlet; Page Appendix 1.

Before installation, if you are using personal firewall software, disable it. Wiring Diagrams This appendix provides the wiring diagrams that help you understand the connections between PCBs.

Specification | DCPCW | United Kingdom | Brother

WAIT 0 1 1: Print on the current paper timing error Not used. Page [ 2 ] Ink-related problems Problems of this nature may arise not only due to machine malfunction but also to the user’s actions. See the previous page.


Page 3 Disconnect the CIS flat cable from the main PCB, pull it to the rear through the flat core, and then release it from the cable guides. If it is set to “0,” the machine detects a CNG signal as long as the line is connected.


Page Routing H: Backup Procedure 1 On the PC, create a “Brother” folder in an external memory to be used for saving backup data.

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to verify the location, existence and condition of any vehicle listed. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. Page Appendix 4. Ink cartridge cover sensor Ink cartridge cover closed. Insert Card No external memory is inserted. For detailed procedure of the backup and restoration, refer to Chapter 9, Section 9. Page [ B ] Printout of firmware switch data Function The machine prints out the setting items of the firmware switches and their contents specified.