Ensure that the cables are properly connected to the system board from the hard drive, CD drive, and DVD drive. If available, install properly working memory of the same type into your computer. See ” Power Problems. Exit system setup and restart the computer. A problem was detected while the BIOS was executing. We are human, and do not claim to be perfect in any way BUT we aim to meet and exceed every customers expectations every time! Close all windows and open the program that you want to use.

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Returns Accepted Within 30 Days If you decide item you received isn’t suitable for your needs, we would be able to accept your item back through the eBay returns system. Reinstall the memory modules and, if necessary, replace them. Remove and then reinstall the video card, if applicable.

Check all card connections in the computer, and reseat any loose cards. Also, check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified.

The jack has either a green label or a connector-shaped icon next to it. Microsoft Windows operating systems Insert a floppy disk, click the Start button, click My Computer, and then double-click the floppy drive icon.


i want optiplex gx270 audio video and modem drivers for windows vista?

There is a danger of a new battery exploding if it is incorrectly installed. Insert a floppy disk, type dir a: Restart the computer to rerun the test. See Windows Help for instructions.

If the RAM count displayed does not correctly match the actual amount of memory installed mdoem the computer, contact Dell. Try to run the program again. If any of the tests fail, contact Dell. See the program documentation for installation instructions. Ensure that each card is firmly seated in its connector.

Ensure that the printer cables are securely connected to the printer and the computer. Reinstall all USB devices, check cable connections, and then restart the computer. Located on the front of the computer, these lights can indicate a computer problem. Compatibility of any product movem your device or system and safety procedures exercised during installation are the buyers responsibility.

Insert a floppy disk into the drive and try again. Bypass power protection devices, power strips, and power extension cables to verify that the computer turns on. You might lose data if you are unable to perform an operating system shutdown.

A filename cannot contain any of the following characters: Either replace the floppy disk with one that has a bootable operating system, or remove the floppy disk from drive A and restart the computer. If your speakers have volume controls, adjust the volume, bass, or treble to eliminate distortion.


Check the modej lights to see if the specific problem is identified.

Solving Problems: Dell OptiPlex GX Systems User’s Guide

Other causes of interference are: If you have one memory module installed, reinstall it and restart the computer. Perform all checks in ” Keyboard Problems “. Continue until you have identified a faulty module or reinstalled all modules without error. To eliminate the possibility of a faulty memory connector, remove all memory modules, reinstall one memory module if the computer supports a single moduleand then restart the computer.

For a USB printer, ensure that the Print to the following port s: A possible BIOS failure has occurred; the computer is in the recovery mode. Found this part for less?