We are already working on it and should have it resolved by next week. Let’s get this question out of the way quickly: The Weiss is more transparent, resolved and lean. Traditional Op-Amp Rolling NEP dual and NEP single This is the stock set of op-amps that ships with EE Minimax Plus DAC, and they are probably a well-reasoned, affordable choice since they sound quite likable with a smooth, rich, warm sound that will nudge some “digital” sounding CD’s into the direction of analogue, vinyl type of tonality and naturalness with plenty of “chest” in male vocals like Leonard Cohen. Who should pursue this product?

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The sound platform is 3 x 4. If at first you don’t hear a difference, that’s my point precisely.

OPA single This is an outstanding op-amp for audio use, and unfortunately one of the most expensive. A full review of it is coming soon, but in the meantime, it outperforms the new Tube DAC Plus as well, mostly in terms of transparency, air and texture at the plsu extremes, but particularly the low bass.

But I doubt you’d ever call it significant. Minjmax, like our Shootout panel, you haven’t heard what digital can sound like these days, the little Eastern Electric will surprise if not amaze you with what it can do with standard CDs. That means that there are not any bit recordings. Also, you can see that the new model is considerably bigger.

Condition of component received: With his new DAC, Alex Yeung shows that he hasn’t lost his ‘golden’ touch which made particularly his small preamp and phono stage so very popular. But it’s about 5 times the price.


With so many different combinations of tweaks, you could lose yourself among the slew of Op-Amps and tubes. Those da seem quite disproportionate to component size and price in fact. Naturally the MiniMax processed down-sampled hi-rez files without a hitch.

A few of the reviews I have seen have alluded to the fact that the EE Minimax Dac has a very high potential to be a giant killer if those pesky not very good stock Opamps are swapped out. I seemed to experience reception issues. But—vital to these ears and unlike the iDecco—this wasn’t a profound tit-for-tat affair. In a high-resolution context like my big rig, the MiniMax was clearly superior. Eastern Electric’s own is very limited.

6moons audio reviews: Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC

Double-boxed, with impact foam cradles on each cheek. The designer announced that the next version would address this with a different USB receiver. When pumping up the volume with rock, ordinary op-amps grow more tiring with increasing volume, to the point one does not dare daac the volume up any higher.

OPA reminded me of when too much noise reduction is applied in photography; image has clear and shiny outline but inside the image, small textures and details have been smoothed over too much, leaving a bland, lifeless ;lus.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus

Some of this can be explained in the specs. Those had the signal cut out momentarily de every few seconds. In fact, these are so large that the top cover of Eastern Electric Dac Plus needs to stay plux in order to fit them. We at Stereomojo caused a bit of a firestorm a couple of years ago when we were the first to review the original Eastern electric Mini DAC.


LM dual These sound like what OPA should have sounded like, filling clearly-lit outlines with nice amount of texture and micro-detail. Another reason for the purchase was the M2Tech OEM asynchronous USB input which is capable of transmission up to kHz, which opens up the world of computer audio without having to go through many hoops.

This 32bit K DAC has been winning many award around the world. Also nice might be one analog input, remote volume and a small LED indicator on the level knob for visual confirmation in the seat. For these purposes, it was the same thing.

However, if implemented incorrectly or matched to da wrong system, there is no guarantee Sabre DAC will be both detailed and musical. Because of the lower noise floor, sounds stand out in greater contrast rendering a more believable three-dimensional portrait of the performance. Having had experience with some Eastern Electric products in the past, including the EE MInimax tube preamp, I was reasonably confident I would not regret the purchase either way. It’s easy enough to confirm with just the push of the front-panel button and a very ee offset on the volume pot.