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Wikipedia. State Police The suspect is described as a short, white man with a heavy build and dark colored hair, last seen running down Amesbury St.

From. Anyone with information on the man or incident is urged to contact state police at Just no.

She said the suspect actually flashed her twice — the first time she assumed it was unintentional, she said, but once she saw him expose himself a second time, she knew it was on purpose. It's not right. Police are looking to identify a man who exposed himself to a woman jogging in Cambridge last week.

The woman told Massachusetts State. The man was wearing black and gray running clothing and black running shoes with white soles. Anyone who may recognize him is being urged to call State Police at rown We don't just ignore it … I have a daughter, and it could be my daughter next to him — and she's not going to be that," Aia said.

The majority of such men said to be "living on the down-low" do not self-identify as bisexual. July 18 and passing by a man walking in the other direction. - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary. Meanwhile, Aia said she had no regrets about chasing down the man. ho

On surveillance footage released by police, Aia can be seen jogging along Doen Drive near Vassar Street around a. She regrets that no one nearby stopped to offer help.

This example is from Wikipedia. The incident was recorded on nearby surveillance cameras and State Police made the video public Wednesday afternoon, hoping to generate le in the case. So Lookkng took off after him. A surveillance image provides a closer view of the suspect, who has a heavy build and short, dark, receding hair.

Image credit: Mass. Aia described him as probably in his 40s.

This article tagged under:. But last Thursday morning, this man did when he flashed the year-old as she was running along Memorial Drive.

Aia appears to react almost instantly, pulling a U-turn, quickly overtaking the fleeing suspect and physically detaining him. Beside or besides? I'm not doing that no.