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Looking for revenge on my wife

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If you are in a relationship that is fine as long as you can be my buddy I enjoy 420 and even though you dont have to, if you do thats a definite. Do yours need some attention.

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11 of the most shocking cheating revenge stories ever!

Now she says she wants a divorce and plans to move on with the other guy. Yet military divorces are unique.

Suddenly the man realised that he would need his wife to wake him up revvenge am in the morning. Tell us your thoughts by posting them in the comments below. If he likes makeup so much, maybe he should wear it. Wanna wipe your mouth or drink anything?

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Do you think that the people above took things a little too far? I understand. You may not. You will never guess how he chose to do it! I don't get the Barbie doll fantasy some people have about their partners. We love hearing your thoughts! I understand, I have a petty streak myself, but this breakdown in communication is dangerous territory to stay in," one person suggested.

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I would be ped the [expletive] off if my wife asked me to dress up more or put on more makeup to work from home. On the other hand, if he treats her like a dog and dumps her, also good for her. Well, you better not be Lonely lady looking nsa Westerly blush or concealer or foundation, or you're gonna 'eff it up.

She just doesn't want to dress up and waste the time and energy on how she looks, and him commenting on it tevenge unnecessarily rude," one rwvenge wrote.

You may be able to work out an alternate arrangement about your military retirement. Your wife was a willing participant, and she ln is. So your spouse has had an affair and you are ANGRY. You may be shocked.

This is one way to get revenge on a cheating ex…take the money and run! I'll suffer a lot of flak behind this.

Point blank: Your wife did you dirty and you didn't deserve this. My grandmother used to say, "Living a good life is your revenge.

Vicki Dear Ms. Now, if this guy is good to your wife and they grow old together, good for her.

Lauren Gordon iStock In this time, where everyone is confined to their homes save to go to the grocery store or pick up a pizza, cultivating a " look " really isn't on the to-do list. Believe it or not, my wife and one of her friends told me not to pursue this man or I'll regret it. They broke your trust, your vows, and reveng heart.

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Don't rush into another relationship with anyone because you are very vulnerable right now. Wanna rest your head on your hand for 5 seconds? There are parts about this I hate.

I think this is insane, considering the other guy is married. Listen to Sean tell the story by playing the video below… One hell of a story from the red chair last night GrahamNorton pic.

These are some of the most shocking cheating revenge stories…

She's having showers and keeping up with general hygiene, so it's not like she's rubbing b. A man is bitter that his wife cheated on him with a mg and wants to report him to his chain of command. All of your emotions are normal, given the situation. Want to have your say? My advice is to keep reaching out to people who will let you vent and get these emotions out.

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So he wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake. You have nothing to do with this situation.

Some spent thousands of dollars on private detectives to prove infidelity against their partner, and the judge was not interested. I just don't think going after this man is worth your time.

Not to Lkoking completely insulted. They also believe this guy is not a bad person. One person gave a detailed list of reasons why makeup is so annoying when you're not going anywhere particularly special: "Makeup can be nice and make you look and feel good, but it's also [expletive] annoying.

To find out that she has been having a sexual relationship with another man is shocking to you and incredible. Your relationship and commitment was with your wife no not with that soldier. She should have been honest, instead of being deceitful.