Most drivers, off the shelf, are too long for their owners. Decent angle of of 38 degrees, Taylormade M3 head, hazardus 5. Callaway is probably the lightest of the big OEMS just under g , from there it creeps up a bit. So easy that Mizuno skipped it…I agree that so easy. Although, I admit, I’m biased, I own one of these and ever since having in my bag, have not looked back.

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Irons: Ranked by forgiveness | Today’s Golfer

Pros Four-degree loft sleeve for more adjustability Center of gravity is lower and more forward Front track system reduces spin and increases the size of the sweet spot Sliding msot weights to adjust your shots. In the past, the drivers or golf irons used were basically blades having a small and thin clubface with the mass concentrated solely behind the sweet spot.

Set it to swing 95mph and just forgvieable ball position? Everything about the G is slightly bigger than the massively popular G, including the price tag.

Speaks once again, for the fine clubs made by Tour Edge. Drivers with a cavity back increase forgiveness and make playing golf with them easier.

The center of gravity is moved low and pushed to the back of the club creating improved swing speeds. Bob Pegram 2 months ago.

Today’s Golfer

I could not believe how much straighter and further, I can hit the ball with this shaftwhich just goes to show that getting the right shaft is the most important thing in buying mmost driver, but also remember that even two shafts of the same make forgivsable model can give totally different results.


I was playing my M1 with a 19g weight in the back and the red weight in the front because I like a heavier feel in my driver. Never experienced such forgiveness on miss hits. The moment of inertia is an object’s resistance to twisting on its axis. This club puts virtually zero side spin and just goes straight down the line I hit it.

MyGolfSpy Labs: The Most Forgiving Drivers of

For that to work, a significant amount of mass must be allocated to the heel-side of the golf club, which results in a placement of discretionary mass that is both more forward and closer to the CG on a comparative basis. Our job is your game. What if Cobra claimed to be the longest, most forgiving — would you consider it valid? Forgiveagle Massive sweet spot Adjustable loft Golf pride tour velvet grip Multi-material construction in the crown Inverted cone technology.

That configuration is a bit of a golf hack a pretty good one thoughwe never measured CG or MOI in that configuration. My swing speed is about 97 and I drive about yards.

This is the perfect driver for those of us who are shanking the ball too much. Does this align with shot area from testers? A hollowing out of the back of a club’s head is what is referred to as a cavity back. Only you can decide if shiny chrome finishes are your thing, but we really liked the Cs head size which we felt would inspire confidence for most golfers. Scoot24 2 months ago. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. What is the link on that article?


This is a great club that offers a lot of customization and a ton of forgiveness. If you’re going for forgiveness lofting up and shortening the shaft can help with that.

A decent shout for golfers looking for an excellent but sensibly priced crossover irons that sit between better player and game improvement categories iron. Its 6th on the list with a IYY of and 5th overall forgieable For a player with a faster swing, this could be the perfect answer. Literally, giving you no margin of error. Off-set A golf club has an offset if the front edge of the clubs face jost set back from its neck.

Would it be possible to get right down to the actual response of the driver in different parts of the face by using an iron Byron and impact tape and testing impact at different parts of the face?

Joel 2 months ago. Discussing the top to bottom MOI is a completely new conversation and an very interesting one for a golf technology nerd like me. Traded the Rogue for the TA1 foorgiveable loving it.